Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - The Transition into Winter

Wildflower season may be basically over in upstate NY, but there is still a lot of color.

Rose hips remain on the now bare rugosa rose bushes.

Where fall asters once bloomed, now seed puffs remain.

And where the bright yellow of goldenrod once shone, now there is only dead white.

The only thing missing is snow.  This is probably the only November in my 25 or so years here I can remember without measurable snow at our house and without a high temperature lower than 40 degrees. 

This weekend was so gorgeous it was a shame that we had to travel.  We even tied a record temperature yesterday (63 degrees).

But it is over now.  The chilly winds of November are finally blowing.  Today the high was right after midnight.  During the day the temperature dropped and the daytime high at our house was 44 and we had a burst of ice pellets in the late afternoon.  We may have some wet snow showers tomorrow.

But this is the edge of the snowbelt, and the snow won't hold off forever.


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  1. We were just in NC for Thanksgiving and saw all the cotton. It's so beautiful when white and so sad looking once it's picked.

    So far we've been lucky in MD with very mild, if not higher than normal, temps. I hope we aren't in for a brutal winter. It's been a wild weather year, as I know you know.


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