Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Change in Wildflower Wednesday

As we are out of our wildflower season here in upstate NY, I had several choices of what to do during the winter months for my Wednesday feature.  It's been fun taking the pictures that highlight each Wednesday post, but I think my readers are going to get awfully sick of pictures of bare trees and shriveled berries. (My photography skills aren't up to bird and mammal photography - not quite yet, anyway.)

What I've decided to do is change Wildflower Wednesday to Winter Wednesday.  In this way I can concentrate on anything that is related to Winter - including Christmas and other seasonal holidays of the winter.  Topics could include decorated trees, snow, blooming witch hazel, essays about nature or anything else that strikes my fancy and is related to winter.

The new format will be effective with next week's Wednesday post.  Tomorrow, I will write a post about the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  As someone with an interest in history, I just can't resist.

Come spring I may (or may not) return to wildflowers.

Happy winter (to us in the Northern Hemisphere).

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