Monday, December 26, 2011

Hanukkah House Binghamton - Part 1

Christmas is over.  The feasts are eaten, the family gatherings have taken place, and...

It's time for a little change of pace.

While most of us in the United States have been preparing and celebrating Christmas, the Jewish people of this country have been celebrating Hanukkah.

In Binghamton, there is a wonderful museum in a historic mansion that opens for a month every year, from right after Thanksgiving through the end of Hanukkah.  Run by volunteers, Hanukkah House is free (but donations are accepted).  It will be closing in a couple of days. In the next two or three days, I'd like to take you on a virtual tour.  Today, I'd like to show you some of the mansion and in the next couple of posts, some of the displays.

 Entering the museum, you can see both an overview of the museum and one of the fireplaces of the historic Kilmer Mansion, where the museum is located.  The painting over the fireplace is of the mansion. 

More fireplace detail.
Decorations above the painting of the mansion.
And finally, ceiling detail.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I'd like to treat you to some of the exhibits.  Prepare to be surprised.....

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