Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recovery and the Seeds of Renewal

Our flood here in upstate NY vs.....the tsunami in Japan.

No comparison.

I read this article in the Wall Street Journal with total disbelief and awe....and admiration.  And a few other feelings.  Read this article and see greatness in action.  Love, sacrifice, trust, unbelievable hard work, faith, and a comeback against unbelievable odds.  If someone had written this story as a novel, no one would have believed it.

And, on another level, I connected with this mayor's children.  I lost my mother when I was 12 (and not from a horrible disaster, either.)  My heart goes out to them.  I want to reassure them that things will be better one day.

So much work left to do.  But, Mr. Toba, you have a fan in Westover.

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