Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zero Visibility and Eggnog

The Great Buffalo, NY Blizzard of 1977?

Or, one of the most wonderful non-chocolate ice creams ever made?

Take your pick.

Upstate NY has a number of excellent local seasonal foodstuffs and I'd like you all to know about them.

We are continuing our non-wintry Christmas weather here in the Binghamton area of upstate NY.   Last night when I went to sleep, it was 47 degrees. Right now, about 8:30 pm, it is 45 degrees.  The only thing that reminds us of winter are the various holiday decorations, and seasonal foods. Otherwise, you would never know it was December.
Tomorrow, we are supposed to have snow.  But tonight, we can have Perry's Zero Visibility Ice Cream.  It is a limited edition flavor (first marketed in 1997) and when it is gone, it will be off the shelves for five years.  This year's delivery of vanilla/coconut ice cream with just the faintest hint of rum commemorates the 35th anniversary of a blizzard that residents of Buffalo, NY will always remember. 

This ice cream would be wonderful with a variety of toppings, including rum-pineapple.  It probably wouldn't be too bad whipped up with some Purity Eggnog, a local favorite.  Made in Ithaca, NY,  Purity Eggnog is melted heaven.  Once you have tasted this pure eggnog, you will never go back to that stuff in the carton.

Years ago (before you could no longer consume raw eggs) my spouse used to make homemade eggnog with our own chicken eggs.  The only drink coming close to the homemade eggnog is Purity's.

If we showed up at Christmas at our downstate family without Purity in hand, I'm sure they would boot us right out of the house.  Too bad Zero Visibility would not travel, so I can't introduce downstaters to what a true blizzard should taste like.

(and no, no one compensated me for these plugs.  My full belly is compensation enough.)

Tomorrow....will it finally begin to look a lot like Christmas?  Or will our only snow be what comes in half gallon containers?


  1. I'm loving this mild winter! I'm in northeastern PA - relocated here from souteastern VA - and winters up here just don't agree with me!...or maybe I don't agree with them...hmmm.
    Thank you for stopping by the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List and Giveaway. Authors will be contacting winners over the next few days (allow a few extra with Christmas).
    Great to meet you! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, too. It's been getting colder through the day today and we are having snow flurries so perhaps our mild weather is at an end.


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