Sunday, January 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Blooom Day - January 2012-Suddenly Winter

It's the 15th of the month again - it's time for my virtual gardening fix.  Here in upstate New York, it is winter, and any gardening has to be indoor.

Thank you once again, May Dream Gardens, for sponsoring this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Today, it was sunny, and got up to 17 degrees F. (-8 C, for most everyone else in the world). Right now, around sunset, it is 13 F (-10 C).  We have about an inch of snow on the ground after an unbelievable extended period without snow.  We live on the edge of the "snowbelt", and this may well become a record breaker year without snow. 

But, with the snow, this is what my yard looks like.

Here's an overview of my back hard, with the black structure being our compost bin.  In the foreground, is a large variegated green and white grass that does well in the part shade conditions.

With not much of a yard, we attempt to grow some trees in pots.

More pots in our front yard.

Here's a better view of the ornamental grass.

And, our Lenten Rose plant.

It's so hard to believe that on New Years Eve things were so different.  Our flowering cabbage, grown in a pot, was still thriving.  Now, it's dead and dropping.
And we even still had parsley. (That's deceased, too.)
As far as my indoor ventures, I have two amaryllis plants, neither of which are blooming for some reason.  And, my African Violets are between blooms.  They are starting to send up a couple of flower buds, so perhaps by February I will have something to report.

But one thing I will not be reporting is on paperwhites.  After my experiment last year, I am not trying to grow them this year - apparently I am part of approximately 25% of the population who finds their scent less than appealing. 

Which makes me wonder - am I the only Garden Bloggers Bloom Day participant who can't stand the scent of paperwhites? (I have the same problem with the scent of some-not all-lillies).

Happy GBBD to all and see you in February.


  1. I don't mind the scent of paperwhites, but the floppiness is a challenge. Your pix remind me of so many CT winters - you know there's lots of potential under the snow, but sometimes it's hard to remember :)

  2. Can't wait until it's "Suddenly Spring" :) Happy GBBD!

  3. Oh my! Chalk and cheese between your garden and mine! We have been having unseasonably warm dry days, which, while we are enjoying them, are making us worry about drought and fire in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. I feel chilly just looking at the snow!


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