Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's in a Typo?

Thank you to The Daily Retort for letting me know about the Kodak bankruptcy.

As Tor Constantino declares in his blog, the fact that Kodak left a very noticeable typo on their bankruptcy website spoke, in a way, to a total lack of detail.

At one time I would not have cared about a typo.  I remember, when I was young, that although I enjoyed writing, I detested any study of grammar or punctuation.  And, spelling was my weakest subject of all (next to math).  I came close to failing 10th grade English because I had a teacher who quizzed us weekly on spelling - and made those quizzes a large part of our grade.

(Yes, I'm grateful for spell check, but I know it has its limitations.  I'm also grateful my spouse is a much better speller than I am.  But I digress.)

Thanks to blogging, I've found that the art of communication depends a lot on the proper use of English.  No one is perfect, least of all me, but I do try to improve my writing.  My daily blogging is a type of self-discipline.  I've participated in several blog challenges.  I do it so I can constantly improve this art form I took up almost three years ago. I  hope I am succeeding.

So, a company that meant so much to me in my childhood - Kodak film, Kodak brownie cameras, Kodak paper, Kodak paper...that Kodak quality...all gone.  It wasn't in a flash (oooh, bad pun) and wasn't unexpected, but it still makes me sad.  Another part of my long ago childhood, gone.

Speaking of that typo - I went to the website Tor quoted - went there at 9pm tonight, over 5 hours after Tor posted, and the typo Tor found IS STILL THERE.  So if you hurry, maybe you'll see it, too.

I will take that lesson to heart. We must always strive for quality in our writing, and in our lives.

Thank you, Tor.

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