Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Wednesday-The 100th Birthday

Today, a woman I've known for some 40 years celebrated her 100th birthday.

I don't want to go into the cliches of "she was born when the Titanic was the greatest ship in the world.  She was a toddler when World War I began.  She's seen so much history...." because it's all true, but there is so much more to this woman.

She still lives at home, still cooks. still cleans.  She is very stooped over, so stooped over that she looks at the ground when she walks, and must use a cane.  Yet, her mind is sharp and her memory isn't impaired at all.  She is so feisty, and loving.  But don't get into an argument with her!

In November, family came together for a big celebration near New York City.  Her 99th birthday celebration was postponed three times due to inclement weather and they didn't want that to happen again for her 100th.  So they took no chances and had the "big" party right after Thanksgiving.(she also had a smaller gathering at another restaurant today, her actual birthday.)

So what does a 100th birthday look like?

This is the Irish neighborhood where the party took place. (a little ethnic fusion here).
And the inside of the pub.
After dinner, we walked around the neighborhood.  Here's a wall mural.
And some more ethnic fusion.

100 years of living and memory.  I hope to see her again in April.  What a fantawtic woman.  I hope know her for a long time.  And I hope that if I ever reach old age, I will have her health, and her attitude.

Happy birthday!!!

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  1. How clever to plan ahead knowing how unpredictable NY weather can be in Jan! Remarkable to be able to visit with a woman who no doubt has so much to share.


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