Friday, February 3, 2012

Adventures in Modern Technology - TV and Roku

Today is a special occasion for this technophobe.

Well, my name isn't Frank, although I did have a friend, growing up, whose last name was Frank.  But I do love Weird Al, and now I can sing his song "Frank's 2000 inch TV".

Today, I joined the majority of people in the United States.  I have ditched my old 19 inch Hitachi tube TV (well, it ditched me - I would have kept it another few years if I could have) and purchased a 42 inch HDTV from

There is a lot of "modern technology" I have not adopted.  I don't have a smart phone, I barely have a cell phone, and I've had a digital camera for only the last 3 years.  I freely admit that some modern technology, such as digital cameras, are way superior to what they replaced.  (I also have an MP3 player).  But TV - eh.  I spend a lot more time on my computer.

Our cable company was out of HD cable boxes, so we are having one shipped to us.

So here I am watching "regular" TV on my (to me) giant set.

The other thing we purchased is a Roku.  This streaming player was so highly recommended by someone at work that three other people I know went out and purchased Rokus.  Everyone loves them.  So I decided to get one.  Because I don't have my network password (long story) I probably won't be able to hook it up until Sunday.  If I don't lose it, that is - it is so tiny, the remote is bigger!  We don't have subscriptions to Netflix or Hulu Plus, so we will probably start out with the free channels and see where it takes us.

So, now, as I've sold out (well, not really, but in a way I feel like that....)

Over the years, I've learned an important lesson about technology:  it's only as good as the times when it works properly.  So I will hold my breath, hope the cable box comes soon, and hope that I can get hold of my network password so we can hook the Roku up.

And watch out...AM has a 42 inch TV!  (will a Kindle be next?)

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  1. I love Weird Al. This one is my favorite, though (You don't love me anymore):


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