Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Wednesday-Is Payback Day A'Comin?

Our almost snowless winter continues here in upstate NY (along with a lot of the continental United States), and many people here are wondering when "payback time" will come.

Payback time will probably consist of the snowstorm of the century, as nature attempts to return our area to winter normal.  And, when I can finally feature lots of snow pictures on Winter Wednesday.

My prediction is February 29, the day that comes only once every four years. 

In a way it's not a joke.  Our ecology depends on cold and snow.  There is going to be a price down the line even if the rest of the winter turned normal, but I am enjoying every minute of not-slippery sidewalks.  And, few people miss the chore of shoveling snow and putting snowmelt down on their.sidewalks.

But until Payback Day comes, I'll have to content myself with posting winter pictures like these, taken Super Bowl Sunday:
Green grass!
A bit blurry (sorry) but:  a budding out tree.....
And, last but not least, daffodils poking their way into the sunlight in my yard.

What a strange winter!  Is it strange for you?

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