Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Wednesday-Memories of Snow

When I switched the name of my Wednesday feature from Wildflower Wednesday to Winter Wednesday I remarked that no one would want to see four months of posts featuring dead flowers and snow.

Well, about that snow.....

We, on the edge of the snowbelt of upstate NY, have had a remarkably snowless winter.  Oh, we've had some snow, especially at our airport (which is on a high hill above our lovely river valley) - about 27 inches this year as vs. the "normal" 46.8. (Our record was 134 inches).

At my house we haven't gotten anywhere near 27 inches.

So, to refresh everyone's memories, I wanted to remind you of what snow looks like.

Here is snow on a little birdhouse.

And snow in a little neighborhood park.
And near the Susquehanna River.

One the same day, I took a picture of this catalpa tree with its "beans" hanging down.
And, finally, my front herb/perennial bed.

These pictures were taken on January 21, when we had our last "major" snow (so to speak) at our house.

Will we get more snow?  Doubtless.  A lot of people here are expecting "payback" time:  a huge snowstorm to make up for our lack of winter.

Today, it was in the 50's:  again.  And the birds were singing!

Now (sorry, skiers) this is one winter I can really get into.

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