Monday, March 12, 2012

Best of AM - Cutler Botanical Gardens

This is from a post that ran in June of 2011, featuring pictures I took on Father's Day (mid June) at the Cutler Botanic Gardens in Binghamton, NY.


First, a lovely Cornus kousa, or Korean Dogwood.  They have become pretty popular around here.  They bloom over a month after the "regular" dogwoods bloom.

Next, a Fragrant Mock Orange or Philadelphus coronarius.  If only I had Blog-O-Smell so you could catch the sweet scent of this shrub.

Next, one of the perennial displays.  The plant in the back (which is blurry) was a total mystery to me, and I could not find a tag.  Of course.

Another display, including a nice stand of lillies.

And finally, a view of their rock garden.

I thought I had taken pictures of their Heirloom Rose Garden, but when I went to download my pictures I only found one picture.  I have see if I can go back and take some more.  I think I was too busy smelling the flowers to take pictures.  The day lilies, by now, should be blooming nice-they were just starting on Sunday.

I'll take the rose picture, in the meantime, and combine it with a rose feature I want to do in the near future.

Please, if you are in the area of southern NY on I-81, stop by this small gem of the Southern Tier.  It is free, and it will be worth your time.

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