Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Childhood on Barsoom

 A 10 year old in New York City, housebound because of a leg broken in three places due to a roller skating accident.  Waiting in the hospital for her leg to be checked during her recovery, her mother went to the hospital book store and bought a paperback book for her to read.  The girl loved to read.

The girl, now grown, has no idea why her mother picked this book.  Maybe it was because she enjoyed Tarzan movies, and her mother saw the author - Edgar Rice Burroughs, and thought her daughter would enjoy it.

The name of the book?  A Princess of Mars.  The year?  Let's just say the 1960's.

Within 50 pages, she had fallen in love.  She devoured the books, which were being released one by one by Ballentine books.  Eventually she found, and read, all 11 books.  And by the way, she still has them, every one.  They are so fragile she doesn't dare touch them but they are a treasured part of her past.  Read over and over (except the last book which I admit, never caught my interest in the same way as the other 10).

I am waiting to see what my Facebook friends and my blog readers think of the movie John Carter of Mars, because this little girl, now grown and the author of this blog, is waiting to see if this movie is a disappointment or something she should see.

I have walked the surface of Barsoom (Mars) so many times in my imagination.  And when I met a man in college who also loved the series....well the rest was history.

If you have seen the movie, please tell me - what did you think?  Should a middle aged woman who fell in love with John Carter (not in a romantic way, but as an action hero) when she was 10 see this movie?

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