Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Sunsets

I have always loved sunsets, but in the past few years I have gotten out of the habit of watching them.  In fact, in the last week I realized that I had not watched a sunset in years, despite the fact that there is a nice place to watch sunsets just a block or so from my house.

Part of that may be because the weather patterns where I live (upstate NY) result in a lot of cloudy days.  Why bother?

I decided to do something about that in the past 10 days and decided to share some sunsets of the past 10 days with you.
Sunset at the base of the Ravenel Bridge, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. (Mount Pleasant is a suburb of Charleston and the 4th largest city in South Carolina.)
Shem Creek (right after sunset), also in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

And finally, a sunset last night in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on the campus of the former Storer College.

Do you ever have the time to stop to watch a good sunset?

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