Friday, April 27, 2012

Frost Fears

My front yard is in bloom.  But it may not be for that much longer.

Here in upstate NY, a chilling thought has struck with tonight's weather report.

We've had an early spring.  Dogwoods and lilacs are blooming now - beautiful tulips are in bloom, as are late daffodils. We had already planted our rosemary plants in the herb garden, trusting it wouldn't get much below freezing anymore.

So many trees and flowers in bloom, at a time of year where normally we'd only now be seeing crocuses, Bradford Pears and forsythias. 

Then suddenly - tonight we are under a freeze warning.

Our record low for today is 28, but normally none of these plants would be blooming now, either.

Will we lose our lovely flowers?  Will trees, tomorrow, be full of brown blossoms?  Will the lilacs fail this year, just as they are coming into full bloom?

Has spring played a final, cruel joke on us after tempting us with flowers since mid-March?  Or will I find out how hardy these mid spring flowers can be?

I'm glad I took pictures yesterday on my exercise walk in Binghamton. Because tomorrow morning this may all be a memory.

But it was sure great while it lasted.

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