Monday, April 30, 2012

If An 84 Year Old Can Use an iPhone So Can I

Today, the Ultimate Blog Challenge is over and tomorrow I start the WordCount Blogathon.

And on June 2 I start the Author Blog Challenge.

But that is not why I am sweating bullets.

The reason is simple:  yesterday, I got an iPhone.

What have I done????

What gave me the courage to leap from a 4 year old Trac Phone, one that can make phone calls and not do much else (no camera, no keyboard, just a very basic phone), to a (gulp) iPhone 4S smartphone?

Three reasons.

1.  My young adult son upgraded his phone to an iPhone. This wasn't a surprise.
2.  Then my sister in law, who is 12 years younger than I am, upgraded her phone to an iPhone.  I know she was thinking about it, and now she acted.

But then came the clincher.

3. My 84 year old mother in law got an iPhone!

And that is when I said to myself:  "Self!  If a woman who was born during the Depression, grew up during World War II, saw her loved ones go to war and back, worked in New York City and later for two magazines whose names you would instantly recognize, raised four children including a son with autism (in a day without any supports for such a Mom or such a boy), and got her first computer in her 70's can still have the zest in life to take this leap, then I can do it too!

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and take that leap.

I applaud my mother in law's faith that she will be able to learn this phone and do what she wants, which is to keep in touch with family and friends from her chair.  For her, mobility is more of an issue each and every day. She is a courageous woman.

And sometimes it just takes that one thing to make us take the leap into the unknown, too, to leave the comfort zone of our everyday life.

That's why I blog, and take on blogging challenges.

Good luck to you, if you are in the Blogathon or in the Author Blog Challenge.  And wish me luck with my new iPhone!


  1. I think that's fabulous! I have a client who's older (70s) and she got an iPhone and says it changed her life. She says it made her world so much bigger, which I thought was an interesting observation.

    (Found your blog through Michelle's Blogathon.)

  2. wwoow , i think al have to do something and get an Iphone too. i really need one. lol . am uing an ideos and i dont really like it that much


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