Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Things - Creeping Phlox and the Flood Tulips of Binghamton

Our spring in Binghamton, New York continues despite the cold weather.  The one good thing is that we escaped Snowpril (and not by that much, either).

This spring, it seems the creeping phlox is especially beautiful.   It's such a nice plant for sloping yards, and Binghamton has enough of them.

I found these walking on the west side of Binghamton:

and this, complete with shadows. (Sorry, don't have Photoshop.)

And finally, this.
Meanwhile, in downtown Binghamton, in front of what I called the "Three Towers", senior housing that flooded during our epic floods in September from Tropical Storm Lee, their huge beds of tulips are blooming - showing the resiliency of nature.  (the towers, by the way, are occupied once again.)
Our spring has been so long, and it still isn't over. 

I'm enjoying every minute, every flower, of it.

What's blooming in your area, or your yard (if you have one) right now?

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