Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Things -Cutler Botanic Gardens

This will be my last Spring Things of the 2012 WordCount Blogathon. One more post tomorrow and I am done! (Then time for the next challenge - the Author Blog Challenge in June.)

Spring is nearly done, too.  The calendar page still says we are in the month of May.  However, the plants in bloom, here in upstate New York, are screaming June! June! June!

Saturday, I was out and about in the Binghamton, New York area.  I visited Otsiningo Park, and also our local botanical gardens, Cutler Botanic Garden. 

Cutler is small but worth visiting if you are in the Binghamton, New York area.  It features several perennial theme gardens plus an All-American Selections display garden.   It was heavily damaged in last year's flood but the master gardeners have put in hours and hours of  restoration work.  To them, I say thank you.  This little gem of a garden is free, unless you want a guided tour or a class.

The roses are out.  There is a very nice collection of heirloom roses.   I didn't make note of the varieties but this white rose immediately attracted me.

Red roses.
Pink roses.

Not to be outdone, the irises cried for my attention.  Purple irises have failed at my house (I don't know why but I've had an almost total iris failure) but were showy at Cutler.

At nearby Otsiningo Park, these irises are blooming at the park entrance.

And last but not least, a closeup of these irises.

With summer almost here, I have a number of wildflower pictures ready to share with you in June.  See you again next week!

What is your favorite flower of late spring?  Roses?  Irises?  Clementis? Early hosta?  Something not hardy enough to grow in upstate NY (zone 5b?)


  1. I love irises but regret that they are pretty much too fragile to cut and enjoy inside.

  2. Irises are my favourite. They remind me of Mom, who had a few varieties in her garden. It's always interesting to read about botanical gardens. You might be interested in my Blogathon post about Jardin botanique de Montreal.


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