Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Things - Fall in Spring?

It was such an early spring in upstate NY.  We had crocuses blooming in mid-March.  We had forsythias in late March.  We had trees leafed out in April (just in time for a snowstorm that hit not too far away from here).  We are still running a good two weeks ahead on some blooms.

And now, on May 19, it is apparently time for fall.  Is it my imagination, or...?

Exhibit 1:  this wildflower picture taken in Otsiningo Park on the edge of Binghamton, NY.

You may think there is nothing remarkable about this picture (which could have been of better quality, I admit.) But, unless I am mistaken - these are wild asters.

Fall asters.  Maybe New England asters, maybe not (I am not a wildflower expert).  But fall asters nevertheless.

As in "they bloom in late summer".

This is not late summer.  We are still a month from summer.

I looked online, and I didn't see much on spring asters - although, it may be possible.  (Anyone out there know?)

Exhibit 2:

I have blogged about crickets more than once.  To me, crickets are the shadow that falls on summer.  
When you hear crickets, what I call "late summer" has begun.  It's nature's call to fall letting fall know it is nearly time to start entering the play of nature.

I heard crickets on May 21, 2012, on the Vestal Rail Trail.

They are not cicadas.  We do get 17 year cicadas here.  I couldn't find, on line, forecasts of cicadas emerging this year.  And, they have a different sound.  A friend of mine, who lives in the countryside about 10 miles from here, verified that she has heard crickets at her house, too.

Can the goldenrod be far behind?

Will we have snow in August?

I am starting to get this....very......bad.....feeling.  Mother Nature is confused.  Very confused.  And that can't be good.

Are you seeing any fall insects or wildflowers where you live?


  1. Asters and crickets in May??? Perhaps it's a harbinger - a sign of the times!!!

  2. Yes, I have heard crickets here in Northeast Pennsylvania, just a bit south and east of you! I associate them with my children going back TO school, not with them getting out for the summer!

    A friend who lives in Conklin said she saw fireflies the other night--it's early for them too!

    Please, no snow in August!


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