Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Late July Upstate NY Farmers Market

What is late July bringing to our local Binghamton, NY area farmers markets?  We were at the Otsiningo Park Farmers Market last Saturday.

A Dog Parade was lining up, and many of the shoppers had leashed dogs accompanying them.

We bought a variety of items:  sorrel, dragon langerie (Dragon Tongue) beans, multi grain English Muffins, cucumbers and even a summer squash.  For various reasons, our community garden has not had a good year, and we find ourselves buying things we normally would be growing. (If anyone has zucchini to spare, I'll send you my address.)

What else was good?

New potatoes, of various colors.

A Boothby Blonde cucumber (a yellow heirloom)

Baked goods, made with free range eggs and organic flours.

Rabbit meat, complete with charts and statistics.

This sign just about sums it all up. (And oh yes, we even have a breakfast wagon now, right behind the sign.)

What is on sale at your local farmers market?

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