Friday, July 13, 2012

A Falcon, a Farmers Market and Friday the 13th

Another summer Friday at the small downtown Binghamton, New York, farmers market.

It was warm and humid and the sun went behind some clouds as the band of the week started to play.  The road construction people just a few feet beyond the market (building a roundabout) were on their lunch break, and the cries of a peregrine falcon echoed off the buildings of downtown.  The falcon didn't care about the music or the produce.  The bird's mind was probably on a delicious pigeon dinner as he or she circled a hundred feet or more above us.

I so wish I could get a picture of the falcon (which I have blogged about previously with someone else's photos)  - but, well, I have blogged about my non-abilities in taking wildlife photos, too.

The falcon missed a good show.

This is the Alpha Brass Band.  They play New Orleans style music and worked up a pretty good sweat doing it.  At least they stood still long enough for me to take a picture.

From time to time one of the band members would come out to play a solo near the audience.

Last week they played just a few feet away on a big fest at the Binghamton Jazz Festival.  (We didn't go this year as my spouse and his continuing sinus problems weren't up to the 90 degree heat.)

Meanwhile, the earlier than normal produce keeps rolling in.  Blueberry picking started last week and already is in full swing.  Cherries probably aren't technically local but do come from the Finger Lakes region.

Another booth sold honey and still another booth featured summer squash and - yes - LOCAL CORN.  In the second week of July!  50 cents an ear.  Bi-color, of course, as people here will not eat yellow corn on the cob. (They may gather their courage for an all white ear, but those come very late in the season.)
Another pleasant surprise awaited.  We can not grow peaches and nectarines locally (although they can grow them in certain parts of the Finger Lakes).  Well - mid July! - the Pennsylvania peaches have arrived. And next to them were sugar plums.  I suspect they came from Pennsylvania, too.

As for it being Friday the 13th - no bad luck here at the market.  Only hot tunes and sweet produce.

What is for sale at your local farmers market?

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