Friday, August 3, 2012

Where Customer Service Still Exists

Kudos to L.L. Bean - an American institution.

Last September, we vacationed in Maine, and visited Freeport and the L.L. Bean headquarters store.  There, we bought a nice looking lunchbag.  It had the features I wanted and I enjoy L.L. Bean quality, although not as much of its merchandise is made in the United States as it used to be.

Yesterday, a "blue ice" freeze pack (hard shell) I use to keep my lunch cold leaked all over said lunch and lunchbag.  I cleaned up the gel (not totally trusting it was nontoxic) and threw my vanilla Greek yogurt (made in NY) away. 

I had no idea if I could salvage the bag or not. 

I decided to email their customer service.  Surely this isn't the first time one of those blue ice packs has leaked.

Would they tell me to throw the bag away and buy a new one from them?

Or would they have a solution?

I emailed them.  They responded 5 minutes later.  In case this happens to you this is their advice.  Isn't this awesome?  Needless to say, I was impressed and I told the rep so.

You should be able to clean out the lunch box using mild soap and water.
Do not use any detergent or bleach as this could damage the lining. 
Allow the bag to air dry away from any direct heat source. 
You do not need to discard the bag unless you are not able to clean it to your 
It's nice to know some companies still believe in good customer service.

Have you had a similar great customer service experience from a company? 


  1. Glad to hear that there is still good customer service! I actually just posted a blog the other day about customer DISSERVICE!

  2. Good for them, and good for you for recognizing them. I had a good experience with Amazon just yesterday, though it started from a bad one (merchandise damaged in shipping). Yay for LL Bean, and yay for not having to throw away a nice lunch bag.

    1. I've had good experiences with also. It's nice to know that, here and there, good customer service still exists. As a former customer service rep, I like to call out excellent customer service. I don't do it as often as I should.


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