Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Blooms - September Song

September is a bittersweet time here in upstate NY.  Signs of fall are obvious.  The last wildflowers of the year are blooming.  Nighttime temperatures can be in the 40's.  Impatiens and other flowers look weary.  Petunias are scraggly. But still, enough blooms remain to delight the heart.

I took these pictures Saturday in Otsiningo Park in Binghamton, New York.

White turtlehead....

Jewelweed.... (most of what grows here has orange splashes but I found a plant with all yellow flowers...sorry for the blurryness).
I am not 100% certain but I think this is wild sunflower.  I remember these when I lived in Kansas and hadn't seen these blooms previously in Otsiningo Park.

Finally, a message to my flower loving fans.  Saturday is normally Sustainable Saturday.  But it is also Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  I am going to have to choose between one and the other.

I am not sure about what I will do yet for Saturday.  Let me surprise you!

What wildflowers are blooming in your part of the world?

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