Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Fancies - The First Fall Color

No doubt about it, early fall color is appearing from western North Carolina to the Catskills and Southern Tier of New York. And, even New York City.

I think many "experts" are surprised.  After the "blah" color of the last several years, we may finally have decent color - and much earlier than the past few years, too.  The timing is more like what we had the first 15 or so years I've lived in this area.

(And, it is time for the seasonal renaming of my Wednesday photo feature. This year, Fall Fancies is what this Wednesday feature will be.)

Fall color was appearing even in mid to late September.  It is in full swing now and it appears we may have our first frost here in Binghamton on Monday.  At that point, the coloring will go into high gear. 

Some pictures from the last week:

A tree turning color in Otsiningo Park, near Binghamton, NY.  (Yes, those low clouds seem to be a constant feature lately around here, too.)

Porcelain berries growing in Red Hook, a neighborhood in Brooklyn (New York City).  This is a very invasive plant, related to the grape.  But you have to admit the berries, which ripen in the fall, are beautiful.  (Thank you to my sometimes guest photographer's sister for IDing these).

Color in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania.

And, color on the Vestal Rail Trail in the Southern Tier of New York.

Is it fall where you live?  Will you have good color this year, or will the drought ruin it?

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