Friday, October 19, 2012

Four Seasons Friday

Someone told me that today is the 50th anniversary of the singing group The Four Seasons.  To people my age, of a "certain age", the soundtrack of our lives includes the songs of this group, the inspiration for the Broadway play "Jersey Boys".

I can sing along with so many of them even now, remembering all the words.  They were clean words, too - no songs here that you would wince at if any of your children started to sing them.

I don't know how this 50th anniversary is measured, incidentally- does anyone out there know?

By this date in 1962, the Four Seasons already had their first hit, Sherry, which stayed #1 for five weeks. (this was way before the co-founder Frankie Valli's name was added to the group's title).

After Sherry, they followed up with (sorry, poor quality) another #1 hit that stayed #1 for five weeks, Big Girls Don't Cry.

They would end up with eight number one songs, one of which, Rag Doll, was voted by listeners of a NYC radio station as the "#1 song of all time".

Even my spouse, who favors hard rock, remembers the Four Seasons fondly and loves the song "Rag Doll".  Can you imagine - loving Metallica and Rag Doll?

My favorite?  Walk Like a Man.  Check this video out - like we used to say just a few years later, "Can you dig it?"

Any other Four Seasons fans out there?  What's your favorite Four Seasons song?

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  1. Frankly, I find it difficult to love Metallica (I do) and Rag Doll at the same time... LoL


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