Thursday, October 25, 2012


Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Frankenstorm is coming to the Northeast United States.

It's not a trick or treat.  It isn't make believe spooky, like the picture above.

My spouse, who is an amateur meteorologist, has been tracking this storm via the Weather Channel for the past 3 days.  Now, we are told computer models are saying there is a 90% chance of the East Coast being hit by this "hybrid" storm.  I'm watching the CBS Evening News right now and it's starting to sound pretty dire.

It's been a little more than 13 months since my neighborhood,and other neighborhoods, of the Twin Tiers of New York were hit by the 1-2 punch of Tropical Storm Irene and Tropical Storm Lee and flooded.  A number of houses in my neighborhood, and others, may never be lived in again.  So I do have an idea of what flooding will be lik.

And that was in September and not at the end of October.  No cold air in the wings, no possibility of snow right around the corner.

My elderly mother in law, further south, and closer to the coast, lost power for five days thanks to Irene.  Family members had taken her up here (to another relative, but with us helping out) but, with the chance of flooding, I don't think we dare to do that, but where my mother in law lives

So - we are far from panicking but it is time to make some preparations, and phone calls.

Are you in the potential path of this storm?  Are you making preparations?

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  1. I am just hearing about this storm today. (I don't watch the news and only look at the weather for the day.) Anyway, my co-worker made it sound like the "storm of the century". My area flooded due to Hurricane Floyd, but hopefully we (in Philadelphia) are far enough away from the coast, that we don't flood.


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