Monday, October 29, 2012

From the Rear

Saturday we decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to own a kerosene heater., with Sandy bearing down on us  We have natural gas heat, and no secondary method of heating (i.e. a wood stove or fireplace). We didn't realize we would end up on TV.

We had looked the night before on Amazon to get some ideas, but we decided we really needed a bunch of customer service.  There is a local hardware store just a few miles from us where we have experienced the best customer service time and time again.  So we headed out, hoping they weren't sold out.  The "they", by the way, is Kovarik True Value Hardware and I would love to give them a shout out.

The first thing we saw was a display generator with a "sold" sign on it. The second thing we saw was, two news people.  A young woman, and a young man.  The young man was holding a large camera on his shoulder.  That sure got our attention.  But we went over (first things first) to one of their customer service people, got our questions about kerosene heaters answered, and then he had to help someone else while we made up our minds.   So at that point the newswoman noticed us.

The woman asked if we would like to be interviewed, and my spouse volunteered.

So, those of you who know who I am, if you go on the WBNG website and look for my last name, you will find a link. Spouse's interview was cut (I think we were lucky we got on at all) and two small portions were used

My role was (figures) being photographed from the rear.

Have you ever been interviewed on the news?


  1. That's funny :) Stay safe and all the best with Sandy.


  2. No I have not.... but a wonderful memory from our trip to Paris at the Louvre Museum my mom was approached. They were opening an exhibit on how paintings were removed and secured during WWII and her being in her 80's was the oldest visitor present. They interviewed her for French TV that night as to her memories of WWII. It so made her day :)


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