Friday, October 5, 2012

The Binghamton Zombie Apocalypse

In case of a zombie apocalypse in upstate NY, I now know where to go.

Tonight, Binghamton held its third annual Zombie walk.
The zombies helpfully posed for a group photo.

A couple of zombie bellydancers entertained the crowd.  This one danced (slowly, of course) with a sword on top of her head. (Sorry, this picture came out rather blurry.)

A gowned zombie looked on, fake blood glistening on her gown.

Someone calling himself "The Undertaker"and dressed in a steampunk type costume with tophat told the zombies he would be their leader and that they were to refrain from eating the living for tonight only.

The zombies were to visit various venues open for First Friday in downtown Binghamton. Their first stop was to be Phelps Mansion, a mansion built in 1870, now on the edge of downtown.  Some of the everyday people who walk the streets near Phelps Mansion are scarier than any zombie you will ever meet.

My spouse and I hurried to the mansion ahead of the shambling, screaming crowd.  (I will blog more about Phelps Mansion, which has a Civil War connection, another time.) While we waited for the zombies to arrive, we spoke to the staff.
(Interior of Phelps Mansion, courtesy of AM)

Not only did the staff not know the zombies were intending to visit, they didn't know what zombies were.

"They are the undead", I explained helpfully.  "They eat people."

"How disgusting!" a staff member responded

As the zombies arrived, the staff told them they couldn't enter, so they milled around a couple of minutes and then left.  Indeed, if the Zombie Apocalypse comes, Phelps Mansion should be the safest place in the Southern Tier of NY.

"I'm not impressed", a young woman remarked to me.  "You should see the zombie walk in the West Village!"

Well, maybe one day I will.  But at least Binghamton is trying.   And in case of a zombie apocalypse, remember - you don't want to be in a large city.  Trust me on this.

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  1. Don't know that I'd want to see the zombie walk in the West Village! Sounds like yours was just right!


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