Monday, December 3, 2012

Enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks

Two weeks ago today, a young man I know was laid off from his job in a machine shop.  This is one chapter in a story that so many of us have helped to write in the past year or two.

Loving relatives have spent hours coaching this young man  in how to write a resume. I networked with some people I know (he has been networking, too-no luck so far).  I helped with word processing issues.  He is getting advice on how to interview, how to evaluate his Facebook page for possible issues, how to groom himself, how to dress and so forth.  We have all been passing along wisdom learned the hard way, as my spouse and I, and also relatives of this young man also know what it is like to lose a job.   

When he left our house this afternoon, he looked pretty wiped.  And, it is only the beginning.  This young man, who is very hard working and has an excellent work effort, has to try to get his foot in doors that only open reluctantly nowadays.

He is hoping he will be called back to his machine shop when they have work again (not until next year) but he also needs to be proactive in case he isn't.

One of the hardest jobs in the world is job hunting.  For me its been years, but I also know that none of us have a guarantee that we will have our jobs tomorrow.   If I was to lose my job tomorrow, I would face an unbelievably steep learning curve.  It is so easy to become discouraged, especially when weeks of unemployment turn into months, and the heating bill has to be paid.  The groceries don't appear on the table automatically.

I have to believe this story will have a happy ending, and this young man will be shaped positively by this experience.  So many things the public schools don't teach are taught only in the School of Hard Knocks.

The saga begins.

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