Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Wednesday - The Return of Snow

After a strange, almost snowless (for us) winter last year here in upstate New York, winter has returned.

Today, when I left for work, it was 9 degrees (about minus 13 Celsius) above zero.

Here are some pictures of my neighborhood of Westover, near Johnson City, New York, mostly taken on Saturday.
One of our side streets.
Down by the Susquehanna River, in a small local park.  It was snowing at the time, hence the fuzziness of the photo.

Snow on conifers.

And, icicles on a clothes line. 

Some people here love winter and the snow it brings.  Many contractors depend on snowplowing during outside construction's off season.  Other residents love to ski, snowshoe, or ice skate.

Not me.

Spring can't come quickly enough!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, how is this winter going for your area so far?


  1. It's been cold here but not bitter just yet. I've lived in Denver where it did get bitter. :D So far day temps haven't gotten much lower than high 30's. I'm in central TX now.

    1. I lived in Wichita Falls many years ago for about 8 months. I remember that winter well - they had what for us would have been a small snowfall. For them, it was a disaster. Haven't visited Texas in many, many years. Maybe one day....

  2. Mmmm love teh winter photos we're sweltering here at 44Degrees Celcius!!!! Still that's our summer and it doesn't last forever. Your snow photos cooled me down!

    1. Glad to have been of service. Your 44 Celsius is 111 F - I used to live in a place that got that hot (Kansas) in the summer and then, they would have blizzards and go below zero (about -18 C) in the winter. So, in a small way, I can identify.

  3. Wonderful photos! Thank you so much for sharing. I really love to get glimpses of where and how other people in different parts of the country live. I'm in Idaho, but I'm in the desert section of Idaho. So not much snow, just a lot of cold and brown. We've had just a sprinkling over the last few days, so it looks like someone spilled babypowder all over a beige carpet. :P


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