Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Wednesday - What Season Is It Now, Anyway?

Here is a quiz for my loyal readers.

Here in upstate New York, this has been the recent weather:

Monday: started with snow, changed to freezing rain, still had a little ice on the ground when I left work in late afternoon, almost slid exiting the building.

Tuesday: still ice on the sidewalks in the morning. Then it melted.  Then it got really dark and poured.  Then a warm front came through.

Today: Started at 43 degrees, got up to 60 degrees (the record was 52 - goodbye!), now it is raining and 53 degrees.  It's 9pm and it's still warmer than the former record high!

Tomorrow:  should be near 40 at 6am but should be in the 20's by sunset.

Friday: low of 19?  (that is above normal for us for February 1.)

So the question is:  Is this winter?  Is this spring?  Is this a new season called Sprinter?  What season is it now, anyway?

Is this happening where you live, too?


  1. The weather is crazy. Last year it was snowing in April here in Washington state.

    1. Terrible weather in so many places....

  2. I vote for "Sprinter." Love it. :)

    We had freezing rain that shut down the interstate, last week. Talk about inconvenient! Mostly it's been dry, with nasty old snow on the ground, then we got hit with the freezing rain. And it's been *cold* down in the teens.

    I'm so ready for this winter to be over.

  3. So am I. Big time. It's snowing not that far away. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a high of 21 degrees. Ugh.

  4. Sprinter. I like it. We have had bizarre weather here in the Midwest as well, 60 degrees one day, 15 degrees two days later.


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