Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Wednesday - Winter at the Botanical Garden

Perennial and tree gardening does not end with the first frost.

Even during winter, certain plants can shine (some almost literally) - obviously, not through their foliage or their flowers. But plants are more than their foliage and their flowers.  Their very limbs - visible with the leaves gone - can be fascinating.

Consider these dogwoods (all pictures taken February 2 at Cutler Botanical Gardens, Binghamton, New York)
This Red Dogwood does glow.  This picture doesn't give it justice.

Red and Yellow together. 

Cutler actually had two varieties of red dogwoods. Aren't they lovely?

Other trees provide winter interest, too.

Next week - more Winter Interest plants.

Do you grow plants specifically for winter interest while they sleep?  Or, do you live for the growing season?


  1. Hello AM!
    so great that you are so brave to blog and not intimidated by technology!
    Your dogwoods are beautiful, even without foliage.
    Your yard must be a spectacular display in full bloom! I hope you provide pictures then too!
    Keep ramblin! :)

  2. Some day I would love to see a snowy winter! It's very rare where I live.

  3. It amazes me that anything can grow in the snow! I am sitting here in the New Zealand summer!!

    Shelley Belcourt

  4. Beautiful photos and excellent observations about the season :)

  5. I do love dogwood for winter interest. My very favorite is "Henry Lauders Walking Stick." The twisting, curling branches look so intriguing.


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