Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Things - Cold is Busting Out All Over

We had a nice Florida morning here in upstate New York.   No, I'm not back in Florida.  I'm here in the Binghamton, New York area where I live.

The normal low in Tampa, Florida (where I was about three weeks ago) for this date is 60 (15.5 Celsius).  So consider this:

Low in Tampa, Florida today was 43 (6 Celsius)

Low at my house today was 31 degrees. (-.5 Celsius).

Next, consider that parts of the county Tampa is located in is under a frost advisory tonight.  In many Florida farms you will find sprinklers in the fields and near fruit trees.  They aren't for irrigation.  They are for sprinkling water over plants when the temperature is expected to be near freezing.  The water freezes on the plants and protects them from frost. 

That's the theory, anyway.  And, it isn't just Florida.  A lot of the Southeast United States is under a frost or even freeze warning.  I am sure very few people in Florida or Georgia are happy over this cold wave.  People in other parts of the United States who normally have spring like weather by now, and don't, are drawing up petitions to end March early.

Meanwhile, in upstate New York, we aren't worried about frost advisories - not quite yet.  Right now, nightly freezing temperatures are still desired, to extend the maple syruping season, and nature is trying to oblige.  But, slowly but steadily, nature is telling us spring is on the way.

Crocuses in a yard on the West Side of Binghamton - in town, our snow has melted off.
My Lenten Rose (finally has flower buds, two years after we planted it)

And, some unknown plant in my back yard whose name is long forgotten.

We can hope that the normal balance is restored soon.  But at least in Binghamton, New York, spring is on the way.


  1. I love it when flowers start to bloom!

  2. Last night was 40 but at least its going up to 70! You can tell those who are on vacation here. They all have shorts on. Fortunately we have very few days with those temperatures. It was fun to get out my gloves!

  3. It has been unseasonably cool this March so far in Nebraska, but I prefer that to last year's March heat wave! The weather certainly is strange, and always an interesting topic of conversation. Lovely pictures.


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