Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Things - The Flowers Have Come! The Flowers Have Come!

Shout it from the streetcorners!  Proclaim it throughout the Triple Cities of upstate New York!  Spring has arrived.

On the West Side of Binghamton, I took these photos today while on my exercise walk.  The rain held up long enough for me to take these pictures.
Saucer magnolia.
A weeping cherry.

Yesterday, the sun shown so bright that the forsythias glowed. I wish I could have caught the glow with my camera.  These pictures were also taken on the West Side of Binghamton (later this week, I may show some pictures taken at my house and in my neighborhood.)

Here's a cherry.

And a star magnolia.  Magnolias here are so fleeting - sometimes the flowers only last a day or two before they drop - depending on the weather.

Finally, from several days ago, species tulip.  In some ways, I enjoy the hardy species tulip more than the fancy varieties of the hybrids - the Parrots, the Rembrandts, the fringed, the peony tulips. There is something so bright, so hardy, about these little specimens - and I love the stripes that some varieties bear. (They also seem to weather our climate better than the hybrids.)

Is it spring yet where you live?  If it isn't, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview. (And for my readers in Australia and New Zealand, please just enjoy.)


  1. What beautiful flowers and pictures. I live in London Ontario Canada and looking forward to the spring blooming of the flowers around my yard and city. Blessings.

  2. Absolutely beautiful flowers, I love spring :)


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