Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Things - The Glow of Spring

The other day, an amazing thing happened here in upstate New York. 

The sun came out!

Seriously, this area is not noted for its 300 days of sunshine a year.  If anything, it's the opposite.  So when the sun comes out, we celebrate.  And some of us grab our iPhones.
If the sun peeks outout near sunset, things glow.  Like these irises....

Violas, almost looking like they are bathed in black light (UV-A)
...and a rhododendron flower caught in the act of opening.

Put some of these together and this is what you get.

Part of the fun of photography is playing with light.  If you are lucky, the sun performs for you.

I love sunset.


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. While we get a lot of sun here in Utah - it is still cold for far longer than I like. I am always so excited when we get our first week with no freezing temps!

  2. What beautiful pictures of flowers! I just did some gardening today, and there is fulfillment in seeing pretty things grow in my yard.


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