Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day June 2013-Pretty in Pink and Purple

Welcome to the 15th of the month and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  Brought to us as always by the blog May Dream Gardens, this is the day that gardeners (indoor and out) from all over the word show what is blooming in their gardens or in their houses.  After you read my post, please hop over to May Dream Gardens and see the beauty of flowers from all over the world.

Here in upstate New York (zone 5b) we have had a cold, rainy spring.  A Corporate Challenge charity road/walk race event that never gets postponed due to weather got postponed due to weather.  The clouds have a science fiction look to them. Every time it threatens rain I feel like I'm in a novel.
Today, though, is going to be sunny and in the 70's.

On our side yard, a wild rose (any thoughts to what exactly it could be?) is in full bloom.

Also in our side yard, the last of the "Kool Aid" irises (they have a wonderful grape fragrance).  I took this better picture several days ago when they looked better.

In my front yard, cleome, which I am growing for the first time.
Garden Sage
A perennial viola.

Switching to the back, the last of the columbines.


What Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post wouldn't be complete without a mystery plant?  My spouse and I plant things and then forget what we planted.  I suspect this is an allium that I picked up on clearance last fall. Would appreciate your "best guess".

UPDATE 6-18-13 I have a positive ID on the above flower -  Allium bulgaricum, from a friend's sister.  Thank you!!!!!

And now for some flowers out of the pink and purple theme.  First, brunnera, I believe "Jack Frost".

Tangerine Gem marigold.  My first time growing these.  The flowers are supposed to be edible.
And finally, a yellow bleeding heart.

Happy GBBD to all.

Have you had unusual weather these past few months?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Please visit again on July 15 to see the change in the seasons.

  2. Such beautiful flowers, Alana. And so many varieties. My garden is full of deep fuschia azaleas and rhododendrons this month, although we seem to have some yellow poppies in amongst them this year. No idea where they came from - must have just drifted in on the wind. They're playing havoc with my pink/purple theme - but are none the less beautiful for that. I love summer!

    1. I love summer - not the heat, but I love the long days and - of course - the flowers.

  3. This is the first year my garden sage has bloomed, I was surprised. Glad to see yours in your garden. Thanks for stopping by btw.

  4. What beautiful flowers. I wish my garden looked like this, but alas I didn't put the work in, so it's pretty bland! Altough luckily there are a couple of irises and geraniums that keep popping up year after year...what would I do without them.

    One day I'll get to grips with this!

    1. Irises are definitely very easy to grow. Another plant you might want to consider is day lilies-they will bloom after the irises are done, and come in a lot of different colors. It is hard to kill a daylily.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love seeing the gardens from all over the world-especially in (our) winter) as a number of people from the Southern Hemisphere post.

  6. Your mystery bulb *might* be a fritillaria of some sort. You should Google it and see if it fits. My garden sage is blooming too, though I forgot to take a picture of it. I hope you enjoy the cleome as much as I do. The woodchucks do not like it! I have to say, in spite of all the rain, I've enjoyed this long, slow spring, and I'm in no hurry for the heat and humidity of the summer!

    This pertains to an earlier post you published, but I did not know Binghamton has a botanic garden. I'll have to try to get up there to see it sometime!

    1. Fritillaria - turns out I just received a positive ID - it's an Allium bulgaricum but this easily could have been a fritillaria with the hanging flowers. There were so many different types on Google-what a huge family. Re Cutler Gardens,(just in case you have the time to visit) it's right off exit 5 I-81 (BCC exit): next to the Cornell Extension Service building on Upper Front Street. When exiting, make right at the end of the ramp and it is just past the next traffic light, on the right. Hope you can make it one day. It's open during daylight hours except if they are having a wedding or special event there and it's free!

    2. Any plant that groundhogs don't like is a friend of mine.


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