Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simply Summer - Hot and Flowery

July. It's hot in upstate New York. We've reached 90 or above for the fourth day this year. (some of you in other climes may be saying "so what's the big deal?".  One thing it's done is jump start the plants that were languishing because of our cool, rainy weather earlier this year.  It's also giving the soil a chance to dry out.

Here are some flowers blooming today in the Binghamton/Johnson City area.
Eggplant.  Yes, eggplants have flowers, and they hang down - but I think they have a special charm.  This plant is growing in an Earthbox in my backyard.
Crocosmias.  I love these flowers, both open and closed.  These are survivors - there's a long story behind these and I only wish I had more of them.  They really need to be in a large, close bunch.
Scarlet runner bean plants - you can just see the scarlet flowers here.  We've gotten no beans, though - maybe it's too hot for them?

Our glads are starting to put up flower spikes-I haven't grown them in many years (except one year which was "sort of an accident")  and I can't wait to see them bloom.

And last but not least, we found this lily during our exercise walk in Binghamton yesterday.  My guess is it's an Asiatic lily - but I am no lily expert.  There are so many hybrids out there, I sometimes just don't know.

Are you in the Northeast United States heatwave?  How has your weather been recently?


  1. Wow, look at those beautiful flowers!! We have been having a lot of rain, and when it's sunny, it's been breezy so we haven't had as much of the beastly heat I usually expect.

  2. speaking of flowers!!! How fortuitous!

    Love + aloha, Mae Xx //

  3. Yesterday, the 17th, was the hottest day so far here in England. Even our home heated up. This morning, I opened all the windows and let the cool air blow it all away.

  4. What gorgeous flowers. Even though they claimed it was the hottest day in the UK, I don't think it was in the North (it certainly didn't feel like it anyway!)


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