Thursday, August 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Aug 2013 -Treat Yourself to Summer's Best

Take time out of your busy day for some flowers!

It is time for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, brought to us the 15th of each month by Frosty the Snowman May Dream Gardens.  It's time to treat yourself - to refresh yourself.   Take a few minutes to stop and admire these beauties.

Today's weather,  I hope is better than yesterdays, which featured an official high of 68 degrees F. (20 Celsius) with a constant breeze. On some August days that is our low temperature.  Who turned summer off?  I won't complain in a couple of months, but until then - whoever stole summer, please bring it back so my veggies can ripen. Not the 90's - but 80's would be nice for a while longer.
Anyway, at our house in the Binghamton, New York area we have orange gem marigolds with pineapple mint;
Alaska nasturtiums (love the variegated leaves and the multiple colors);

Heart-leaf brunnera.
And, finally, a volunteer petunia that planted itself in a pot with tomatoes and volunteer basil. First time that has happened to me in some 25 plus years of living in upstate New York.  As they say, bloom where you are planted (or not).

Now that you've seen what is blooming in my upstate New York yard, come visit other garden bloggers and treat yourself to the beauty of flowers from around the world.  In the words of May Dream Gardens: “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.”thanks to the Internet.

What's blooming in your yard/neighborhood?


  1. Love your blog and your garden is beautiful. The annuals really add color and texture. Too bad I'm too cheap to buy something that will last a season!! I may have to rethink this......

  2. Wonderful writing and insights to accompany the beautiful photos of what is blooming in your garden. We live in a condo; our only dirt is in pots, but we do have some roses blooming right now.

  3. Such beautiful flowers! I could only wish to have such a stunning garden in middle of the desert.

  4. The flowers and leaves are wonderful. Here in England, the weather has been showery but still warm. I dread to think of the summer coming to an end. By the way, I'd never heard of the cleome before. It's beautiful.

  5. Ah what gorgeous flowers. It's actually quite a nice day here n the UK, lets see if it lasts Francene!

  6. Absolutely delightful, Alana! We've had a bit of rain lately and not so much heat, so our blossoms are lovely here, too. I love your photos!

  7. Nice shots, beautiful garden!! Here in South Carolina we have more than average rain fall this year and the gardens are all growing fast!

    Love your site,

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