Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sustainable Saturday - Autism and Tiger Bags Oh My!

I own an "autism puzzle" handbag, made locally near Binghamton, New York in a small village called Windsor.
Even if I didn't have a brother in law with autism, I would love this quilt-type bag, because it is made  by a craftswoman who has an eye for color and design.  Her name is Rebecca Mitchell, who makes these under the names "Becky's Bags" and she ships everywhere.  She'll put custom touches on your bag, too.  Do you want zipper or snap?  Do you want a certain size?  Do you want certain fabric?  She'll do a matching wristlet for you, too.

Rebecca does lots more than autism puzzle bags.

There's her tiger bag.  And to see one, you might need this bag-

-her pink camo bag.
She has several bird bag - here is just one.
I love this flower bag.

And here's a grouping of some of her other bags.

Like what you see?  Contact Rebecca on Facebook - or stop by the link above and see what other bags she has to offer.

(This is an unpaid endorsement.  I usually don't do this kind of endorsement, but - sustainable living involves buying local - and supporting your local craftspeople, in addition to your local farmer. )

Thank you, Becky's Bags!


  1. Nice work, pretty fabric choices. Will share for certain!

    1. Thank you for the sharing. Appreciate it!

  2. So very cute Alana. Thanks for sharing this about Rebecca.

    I am from UBC, so nice to meet you. Come and visit me some time Namaste with Unity "Love" Consciousness, Wendy

  3. The bags are real works of art. I can see why you're enamoured. I particularly like the bird one. However, my husband and I were talking about how fashions are changing the other day. Men no longer wear ties every day and woman hardly use a bag. I've got a cupboard full, which haven't seen the light of day for ten years. As for gloves ...

  4. I really dig those bags. I have a low-level Sensory Processing Disorder, but not full fledged autism. That was nice of you to share those!


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