Monday, September 30, 2013

A Song to End September By

Here in upstate New York, on the last day of September, we are having dry, mild weather and and trees are starting to turn.  The yellow trees, especially, glowed yesterday like liquifying gold in the early morning light.

This will be a short post today as I prepare for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Music to end September by.

I could feel at the time
There was no way of knowing
Fallen leaves in the night
Who can say where they´re blowing.....

And now, we march onward to fall.


  1. I love this song! It reminds me of my college days. We, too, have been enjoying some beautiful mild days, but the nights are certainly chilly!

  2. Ahhh the smooth vocals of Mr. Ferry, what a wonderful song and a wonderful way to end September

  3. This is a magical time of year. And yet, sorrow fills the air with loss as the leaves fall from the trees.

  4. Alana,
    Great short post to say good-bye to September. Good luck on the blog challenge!

  5. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Well said.


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