Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Fancies - Fresh Fall Color

It's Wednesday, and it's time for some poppin' fresh fall color.

Here in the Triple Cities of upstate New York, the colors are a bit behind because of the mild weather, but I suspect we will have a killing frost everywhere by the middle of next week.

For now, our first wave of color, featured the last couple of Wednesdays, has vanished. Here and there the second wave is beginning.

Here are a couple of different shades of red. This was a little tall for a Euonymus many call "burning bush" but I think this is what this Binghamton tall shrub was.
And how about this maple?
Meanwhile, yellow trees still ask for attention.
Not all fall color comes from turning leaves, as this wild apple tree growing on the Vestal Rail Trail shows.

And these - I think - are wild grapes.  My wildflower expert has given me some sources to research, which was pretty hard with the leaves dead. These aren't in trees, but rather are along a rocky stretch of ground in our local Otsiningo Park.

We should end up having color for another couple of weeks with the slowdown brought by our mild weather.  Eventually, with a killing frost, the colors should really pop.

Do you live in an area with fall color?  How is your color doing?


  1. Wow, absolutely gorgeous photos and colors, Alana! And those wild grapes could make a very delicious juice . ..

  2. Pictures do speak a thousand words. Amazing photos of our beautiful fall. I do see many trees with their fall colors and it is just breath taking. Thank you for sharing something so serene.

  3. I live in Northeast Ohio and Drove to Southern Ohio over the weekend and the leaves have changed more in the Southern part of the state, they are absolutely beautiful.

  4. Hi Alana, I was just thinking, when I was in California a couple days ago, how incongruous the maples turning colour in the park look against bougainvillea and sedums! I love them all though. Then I flew here to Vancouver, into my yellow vine maples and red burning bushes and now I'm in autumn again, (even though the season has not changed). :) How about that? lol

  5. Some of the trees and shrubs have changed color. Next week should be gorgeous!

  6. Your pictures are wonderful. How I wish I could see lovely autumn colors where I live. Our trees just go brown, shrivel and drop. Horse Chesnuts are all over the footpaths at the moment, making it diffucult to push my rollator along.

  7. The brilliant colors are wonderful but the last one has me totally captivated. Making it my wallpaper!


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