Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Fancies - The Fall of BAE

Yesterday, here in Westover, near Johnson City New York, we had the first snow that stuck to the grass.  It's all part of a normal fall here in upstate New York. Today, we have snow on the sidewalks, our first measurable snow.  It's 21 degrees at the airport in Binghamton. With the wind chill, it feels like eight above.

I've taken many pictures around the former BAE plant in Westover, once one of the largest woodframe structures in the United States, empty of its 1300 workers, since a flood September 8, 2011.  This building, slowly rotting away, has become a favorite target of my photography, for some strange reason.

We will all be thankful when they finally tear the building down and eliminate what has become an eyesore in our community. (that will happen "one day").  But for now, here it is as a photography subject.

Yesterday morning, snow. (The trees are Bradford Pears.) I'm electing not to take pictures this morning-too cold!
Monday, by the light of the rising sun, and a different weather system.

Also yesterday - featuring the sun just rising above the building.

BAE had some nice landscaping, which is now being lost to weeds. But burning bushes still shine in the front.   They are bare now, but on Monday, this is what they looked like.

Finally, this is what one looked like the previous Monday, in the golden early sunlight.

Before fall turns into winter (this doesn't happen according to the calendar around here) I will bring you some more memories of fall color. 

What's happening with your weather?


  1. I like the previous Monday the best!

  2. Lovely pictures, my friend. I've got hundreds of fall pictures in my camera from these last few weeks. I'm glad to know that the splendid color is not just here in the Midwest!

  3. Fab pics Alana, love the Autumn colours, soon be gone I guess! :(


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