Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Fancies - A Rare Weekend

We had a rare weekend in upstate New York this past weekend. Saturday, we had a day in the mid 50's (about 12 Celsius) and sunny.  Sunny days are not common here in November, as lake effect clouds tend to dominate the sky.

The remaining patches of snow were melting as we walked.

By next weekend, this mild weather may be a distant memory.
On the Vestal Rail Trail, apples against a clear blue sky.
This picture was taken near my home in upstate New York, in Westover, near Johnson City.  Little Choconut creek, like the local rivers, was a still mirror.
On the Vestal Rail Trail, berries against brown starkness.
A woolybear catepillar headed across the walking trail.  I wonder what it is trying to say about the upcoming weather, if anything. Research now suggests their coloration comes from what happened the winter before.
And Sunday, dandelions were blooming in Binghamton.

Our weekend weather forecast is for highs in the mid 30's (1 or so Celsius). But at some point, winter will establish itself.

What is your weather like this week?


  1. In Ilfracombe on the north coast of Devon in England, we have had a very stormy day. Strong winds have blown from the North, making a great noise in the trees, and we have been pelted by rain. The wind is cold too. Winter has definitely arrived. Having said that, I love autumn and winter. Your photos are wonderful.

    1. Robert, that does sound like a nasty day. I hope you have a good winter. Thank you for enjoying my photos!

  2. Hi again Alana. It's so nice for me to catch up with you again this week. You've taken some lovely photos and I especially love the red berries. There aren't very many here in least not many left by the bears and, but I'm off to our place in England in just over two weeks and we have the hedgerows full of berries. Really looking forward to photographing them again. :) Hope your week is turning out to be lovely. :)

  3. In England, it's become very cold. Yet, through the icy wind and occasional snow flurries, the 9 ft tall hydranger outside our bedroom window has held onto its leaves and flowers. Some older blooms have turned green, some have paled from their deep blue or pink and green is frosting the edges of the petals, and several bright pink ones are laughing at the weather.

  4. I love the caterpillar! How cute is he? (Just a guess)
    Yes, as Francene said the temperatures have dropped in England!


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