Friday, November 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - November 2013 Second Summer

November in the Binghamton area of upstate New York. A couple of days ago, there was snow on the ground and we also had a hard freeze earlier in the week. I was thinking to myself, "Well, there goes the chance to show off my outdoor flowers. Winter is here. Time for the indoor stuff."

Wrong.  And not wrong just because it got into the 50's (approximately 11 Celsius) today.  No, it's also because we said goodbye snow and hello to...
A sole survivor pansy...
...and some blurry alyssum.

But I do have some nice indoor flowers to show you!

Red Christmas cactus. 

Variegated leaf geranium from a hanging basket I am going to try to keep alive.


And one of my year round houseplants,Swedish ivy.

This is what my yard looked like on Wednesday.  The first snow of the year is gone but it won't be forgotten.

There will be lots more to come.

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! This meme, brought to you on the 15th of every month by Indiana blog May Dream Gardens, allows you to see gardens from all over the world. Please give their website a visit, check out the links, and see all of today's beauty worldwide!

What's blooming for you?


  1. Lovely Christmas cactus. Mine is full of buds. I just stowed it in a closet for a few weeks hoping to have it bloom during the holidays.

    1. I've always just let my two Christmas cactuses bloomed when they feel like. Hope you've timed yours correctly! I also have a yellow one, but it dropped its last blooms just before today. Oh well.

  2. None of my Christmas cacti are blooming yet--I salute you! And I spy some amaryllis foliage in your Swedish ivy picture. It's not the best month of the year for GBBD around here, is it? Even Carol--the originator of GBBD--didn't have much in bloom.

    1. You are correct as always. I have three amaryllis plants. Last year the grand total of none of them bloomed! Two of them are trying to go dormant (you saw the third) and I'm still pondering whether I should let them. Maybe, when I visit Tioga Gardens tomorrow as part of the Owego Holiday Showcase, they will have a nice African violet to tempt me and I'll have something else in bloom.

  3. Your flower pictures are wonderful. Their scarcity is what makes them so precious. I have a similar cactus to your Christmas one, but mine has smaller leaves and flowers. Well--everything's bigger in America. ;-)

  4. Ahh how cute are your Christmas cacti ?!

  5. I love flowers regardless of season, indoors or out, real or virtual. Thanks for reminding me to take a minute out to appreciate!


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