Friday, December 6, 2013

Are these the Best Banana Bread Muffins?

In yesterday's blog post, I blogged about an unexpected gift of five bananas from my son, who was looking for me to do something with them.

We took our trip, had a good time, and came back on Sunday, with those five bananas still intact and edible, but not for long.  Now what?

I decided to make banana bread, and I needed a recipe calling for five bananas, stat.  I found one on the Weight Watchers website, and because the recipe is their property, I can't put it into my blog, not directly, anyway.

Basically, what I did was tweak the recipe.

I mashed three of the bananas.  I diced the remaining two.  I used two cups of King Arthur's white whole wheat flour instead of half white flour and half whole wheat. Instead of butter, I used homemade apple sauce left over from Thanksgiving.  I used brown sugar, which, at least, the recipe called for. (Brown sugar has become my new best friend).  Baking powder.  Vanilla.  One (farm fresh free range) brown egg.  There was supposed to be milk in the batter, but I drink unsweetened almond milk, so that went in there, too. There was supposed to be baking soda, too.  The chocolate chips were my addition.

Then, what some members suggested was that, rather than making a loaf of bread, to divide the batter up into 18 muffin tins and bake for 20 minutes or so.  Sounded good, and I could take some to work and leave it on the table with the coffee pot.  Guaranteed they would disappear quickly.

But - oops! I forgot the baking soda, which I remembered about 5 seconds after I put the baking pan into the oven.  And I had played so much with the recipe already, who knows how it was going to come out.

But, I had no choice but to continue the baking.  Here is the result. They look really yummy, don't they?

Well, they are just a little.....dense.

I'm a mean mother, aren't I?  Would I really give these muffins to my son?

You betcha.

But wait!  They really aren't that bad, especially warmed up in the microwave about 15 seconds, until the chips are all nice and melty. (Is melty a word?)

So - a happy ending. 

Do you like to "ad lib" recipes?  Do you have good luck?


  1. Haha. That's what I do with recipes--use what I have to hand. Last month, I didn't have any flour fro banana pancakes so I used semolina. It worked. Dense and interesting texture, but pancakes just the same.
    I like the sound of your muffins.

  2. MMM!
    I love banana bread, I have never tried them as muffins though!

  3. This looks delicious. Banana bread is always a favorite in our house. i'll going to make this on Christmas evening!


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