Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sustainable Saturday-We Wish You a Merry Farmer's Market

It's the last farmer's market of the year in Binghamton, in upstate New York, and the first day of winter. Right now, it's an unseasonable 47 degrees (8.3 Celsius), with melting snow and the threat of flood.  Tomorrow, it is going to be even warmer, and we are supposed to get heavy rains.

At the Indoor Otsiningo Park Farmer's Market, goods reflected the holiday season.

I was attracted to one vendor, who had gluten and dairy free fudge and truffles.  She made these from chocolate and coconut milk. The truffles were either orange flavored or rolled in more coconut.  She had free samples. 

Of course, after tasting, I had to buy a couple of gifts.
Freshly baked cookies also beckoned.

Some lucky people, in the very near future, will feast on this farmstead Italian style bread, topped with herbs and studded with pieces of garlic.

Some vegetables were still being offered.  Root veggie mixtures, carrots, garlic,winter squash, potatoes were all available.  But that isn't as much fun as fudge, truffles, or cookies, is it?

There was one more item for sale - something I had never seen at any farmers market before.  It deserves its own post, which it will get next Saturday.

What's happening with local food where you live this season?


  1. Even the wrapping looks yummy :) Or maybe I am just hungry for something sweet? Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, if that's your "thing."

  2. What a wonderful market stall!
    We are very fortunate where we live and we have great farmers markets all year round. At the moment in our tropical Summer we are enjoying mangoes! XX

  3. I like the look of the vegies best. I guess they cut the squash into chunks. I can just imagine a warming winter soup. Yum!


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