Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Hate I Hate I Hate that Calendar App

The mystery of my malfunctioning iPhone 4S may have been solved, partially due to my son (thank you, son, you will get your Dad's special chicken wings on Sunday) and partially due to a fellow blogger (thank you, Jo Michaels!)

To summarize what happened, my phone was fully charged when I went to bed Saturday.  It did seem to be more drained than usual when I charged it, though.

Sunday morning the phone had a dead battery.  After the Verizon store (our nearest Apple store is 78 miles away) could only suggest I do an early upgrade (for $$$, of course) or go to a kiosk in the mall that fixed iPhones, I texted my son (after the phone charged, which took a lonnngggg time).

My son didn't figure out the cause, but came up with the cure. After several suggestions didn't work, he had me restore the factory settings.  On my own, I also turned Siri [in the 4S it is worthless] off and took a couple of apps off.

(This was NOT the calendar app that may have caused my problems.)

Rather, it may have been the calendar app on my iPhone 4S. I never did upgrade to iOS 7 because of my philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.".  And, the day the battery started to go haywire, I had gone into the calendar app just to play around with it.  Why, I have no idea.  I've only used it a couple of times.  I will not play around in there again.

 Blogger apparently ate Jo's comment.  She ended up contacting me on Facebook.  I don't think Jo will mind me sharing some of her wisdom with my readers, though:

"There was a huge problem with the calendar app in iOS 5 draining the battery. iOS 7 fixed that issue..[then she told me about a problem with her iPhone solved by an Apple Store Genius].My phone was replaced when the wi-fi magically quit working unless in very close proximity and the battery was draining in less than an hour. They restored it, ran a system check, and physically tested the device.... So it's worth the time. Wasted days irk me to no end. Always go to the manufacturer if you can. They know their product best. Hope this helps!!!!"

So, I am so fortunate to have Jo as a blogging buddy. When she's not busy helping me with my iPhone, she's an author, and her blog contains an amazing amount of information on the craft of writing (and designing book covers, because she's an artist, too.)  Her latest book is I Zombie.

I had some problems reconnecting to my home network after restoration but my son helped me with that tonight. (I don't want to imagine what he was muttering while texting me - no doubt something about "old people". Well, I love you, too.).

I still hate technology.  But it's better when good people have your back.  Or, your iPhone.  And, in case I ever have to go to Syracuse, to the huge Destiny USA mall, to visit an Apple Store, they make some good chocolate there.  (In Syracuse.  Not in the Destiny USA Apple Store.)

Now, I can get back to my real problems.


  1. The promise always was that these devices would be as simple for us to us as refrigerators. And, for some of us, they are. But for those presented with a confounding problem, the whims of the furies are what comes to mind.
    Glad to see you tamed your furies.

    1. I've tamed the furies for now, but it taught me an important lesson. I think, anyway.


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