Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter Wonders-The End of Winter Blues

If I started an online petition to END WINTER NOW, I would probably get hundreds of thousands of signatures.  Not that we have a choice about the weather.

The weather shows us who is in charge of our planet, and it isn't us.

Susquehanna River, Binghamton, New York
Ice covered rivers - just wait until ice breakup time comes.  (What looks like snow in this picture, taken yesterday, is ice.)  I don't think we will have the same problems as those reported in places like Indiana, but ice breakup can be an awe-inspiring time, nevertheless.
NY 17, earlier this winter
A foot of snow, and even here in upstate New York, the highway becomes barely driveable.

Outdoor cafe - closed until - well, they may have to change their mind about March 15.
Outdoor cafe tables wait, forlornly, for spring to arrive.
All of us are waiting.  And waiting. Enough already!

The end of winter blues have struck.  Spring feels so close, like we can almost touch it.  But all we breathe in is ice cold air. Right now it is 14 F, with a wind chill of 5 above.  This should be our high temperature of the day. Tomorrow, low of 5.  The day after, low of -2.  And so it continues to go.

Yes, spring will come. But today, it seems like it never will.


  1. The days are getting longer so spring is on the way, in spite of the cold weather.

  2. I can feel your angst. I HATE the cold. This probably stems from the fact that I spent my first 45 years in Australia. It took me years before I adjusted to the cold in England. Yet, right now, we are enjoying a glorious spring. Sorry, I didn't want to make you envious.

  3. I hate the cold too. Luckily it's been fairly mild in the UK! Not like the desperately cold winter of 2010!

  4. Winter is dragging on here, too, Alana, with no break in the cold! Arg! We are trying to be patient but we really are longing for the sweetness of SPRING!


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