Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Things - Season of Confusion

It's winter! It's spring! And sometimes it's both on the same day.

Monday morning, the day before April Fools Day, I commuted to my job in downtown Binghamton, in upstate New York. Where I live, we got perhaps 3/4 inch of rain/ice and snow.  I lived on one side of a very sharp line between hardly any snow and a big snow dump. Some of my co workers, who lived on the wrong side of the line, reported near blizzard conditions.  Some people got nearly a foot of snow on a nasty spring day.
Broome County Courthouse, Binghamton, NY
Downtown Binghamton, on the other hand, looked like a winter wonderland.

Snow coated the trees.

Snow covered our downtown roundabout.

Fast forward a day - yesterday, April Fools Day, to be exact.  It got up to 60 degrees F (15.5 Celsius) and crocuses were blooming in Binghamton.

April Fool!
But then I found more crocuses.

And while nothing is blooming at my house (many of my bulbs are on the north side of the house) early daffodils are poking above the ground.

We're confused!  This is the season of confusion.  Is it winter or is it spring?  It must be both.
Could spring be finally here?  At this time of year, it is amazing what difference one day makes.  From snow to flowers, and it's supposed to be warm again today, near 60.  Considering we were having lows of 13 two weeks ago, I think the season change is finally happening.

Please tell me it's spring at last.


  1. I think my grass is waking up....and I need a new bird feeder as well.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. I see flowers too. It's a sunny day in Detroit and about 55 degrees. Hallelujah!

  3. OMG those pictures of the court house are stunning!

  4. I can relate. It's supposed to be spring but we still have to use our wood stove :). I like your beautiful pictures.

  5. Isn't the weather crazy lately? Today was so nice- I spent the afternoon outside and it actually felt like spring- hurray! Crocuses are so pretty, soon we'll see more I'm sure of it!

  6. Gosh you have so much snow still. The weather looks a little bit confused!


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