Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Things - Spring Things Are Made of This

Spring, spring, glorious spring!  After our harsh winter here in the Binghamton area of upstate New York (not as harsh as some other places, and yet....) we are out celebrating the return of flowers and green - while wishing for some warm weather. Hopefully it won't get too hot too soon.

They say "be careful what you wish for." Years ago, I lived in Wichita, Kansas and over the weekend they hit 102.  (38.8 F for those who use Celsius.)

We haven't had this type of severe winter in several years, and we forget too soon what happens when the trees bloom late.  You get a quick glut of blooms all at once, followed by leaves and summer.

So tempus is fugeting (to mangle a Latin phrase - probably lost some of my blog readers just then, sorry) and it's time to get the iPhone out.
First, a photo taken Friday by my "guest photographer" of a cherry tree against the backdrop of one of Binghamton's landmark buildings.
A forsythia on the West Side of Binghamton, also taken 5-1 - these only bloomed for several days and are now leafing out.
On the other hand, some lilacs are already coming out, like in this picture from yesterday, also on the West Side of Binghamton.  Lilacs and forsythias together? Yikes.
A Bradford Pear from yesterday. Please, let this bloom for more than a couple of days.
And finally, my daffodils are finally in bloom.  My early ones never bloomed but my late ones are making up for it. First, yellow and orange.
And, finally, yellow.

It was so nice to come home from work today, and pot up some hanging baskets.  And, our community garden was finally staked out Monday, so spouse spent some time down there yesterday.  Time for a couple of gardening posts?

What is nature up to where you live?


  1. Beautiful photos. I love the one of the cherry tree. Hanging baskets are so much fun! I love the fact that I can move them around if I change my mind about where I've put them. Not as easy to do, once you've planted in the ground.

  2. We are behind you (big surprise). Forsythias are still blooming here, and lilacs are just showing bits of leaf. Daffodils have started, and a few crocus still linger. Yes, crocus in May! I keep pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming. I am surprised your earliest daffodils didn't bloom. I wonder if they need to be divided or aren't getting enough sun? The cold should not have bothered them.

  3. So beautiful!! I'm in Houston and miss the spring blooms!


  4. awesome photos. my flowers got hit bad with the cold chicago weather.

  5. beautiful pictures! And aren't you glad you are in New York and not Tornado Alley this year?

  6. I adore the photos (particularly the first one.) Our flowers are blooming nicely in our garden! :)


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